"Thank you so very much for your wonderful hypnobirthing sessions. It all went so much smoother and calmer thanks to you! You are absolutely phenomenal doing this!" - Alice

‘I feel so lucky to have met Hannah, it was by pure chance in the playground and very fateful I feel! The hypnobirthing techniques she taught me not only relaxed me in the weeks leading up to birth, but also gave me something very special the day I went into labour. 

I had the amazing experience of feeling the connection between my baby being born and my breathing being part of it happening. No tension. Each contraction I felt a sense of progress as I knew what my breathing was achieving. And within the final stages of labour, the down breathing gave me the focus I needed to stay calm and I breathed my beautiful baby into the world and into my arms.’ Sam, Saltdean 

“ As a mother and nurse who gave birth in a hospital in the early eighties I was very sceptical when my daughter wanted to have a homebirth using hypnobirthing. But…was totally amazed at how she managed in a very calm positive way. No panic and no need for pain relief, just relaxed breathing, gentle music and candles.  

I am now a total convert and wish it had been around in my day! I would recommend it to anyone.”  Proud Mother and Nona!

"The course was great, relaxed and  full of information. Both my husband and I came away feeling so positive! Hannah was there to speak to when I needed and the techniques we learned helped me have a calm birth, so glad I did the course!" Kate, Tunbridge Wells

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